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Important Update on Title II Regulations

Dear AACTE members and state chapter leaders,

Congratulations – your advocacy is about to pay off! Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed a joint resolution, already approved by the U.S. House, to rescind the teacher preparation program regulations that were issued last year by the U.S. Department of Education despite a strong negative response from the field. Now, once the president signs off, these onerous regulations will be history.

Since the announcement of negotiated rule making back in 2011, we’ve worked together to engage in the regulatory process for teacher preparation programs under Title II of the Higher Education Act. You affected every step of the process, and there were many steps! In just the last few months, your advocacy led seven Democratic senators and one Independent senator to join their Republican colleagues yesterday in voting to get rid of these regulations. This result is evidence of the strong relationships you have cultivated with your elected officials as well as collaborations with PK-12 colleagues and other partners and stakeholders.

These connections will serve us well in future advocacy as a continual part of our work. Meanwhile, we’ll stay busy continuing to improve the preparation of educators to meet the needs of the communities and students we serve.


IACTE Outstanding Future Educators on April 7th

IACTE Colleagues -

A gentle reminder that the names of your Outstanding Future Educators are due Monday, March 27th.  Please use the attached registration form.

With warm weather comes dreams of spring, and with spring comes the IACTE Outstanding Future Educators Banquet!  Our very special event is Friday, April 7th at the Ritz Charles, Carmel IN.  The details are below, along with the attached registration form for the candidates to be recognized and the faculty who will be attending.


IACTE 2017-2018 Ballot: DUE MONDAY, APRIL 3

IACTE Colleagues -


It is that time of year, to identify your leadership for the coming year.  The ballot this year is to select three representatives to the Executive Committee; one will serve for one-year only, and the other two will serve for two years.  We ask that each institution votes for THREE individuals.  The determination as to the years of their representation will be determined by the officers in discussion with those selected.


Ballots are due Monday, April 3rd.  The new Executive Committee members will be announced at the IACTE Business Meeting on April 7th.


Thank you -



IACTE Executive Secretary

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