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IACTE - REPA II Next Steps

IACTE Colleagues –

Attached are the notes from our November 2nd meeting at Ball State and information with respect to Indiana State Board of Education Members.  Thanks to Michael Slavkin and Jonathan Dee for taking notes in my absence.  Thanks also to all the Executive Committee members who stepped up and assumed management and facilitation for what I have heard was a great meeting.

Now is the time to begin writing and communicating re: REPA II; please refer to the notes from the November 2nd meeting.  Currently, it is our best information that a revised version of REPA II will be on the agenda for approval at the State Board of Education meeting on December 5th.  At this time, the revisions have not been made public, but we have been advised that modifications have been made to the original version based on over 700 written comments received, in addition to the public hearing.  It is important that the Board of Education members continue to know of the concerns surrounding the REPA II proposals.

Position announcement for Higher Ed Field Specialist

Hi IACTE Colleges -

There is a postion for higher edu field specialist at the IDOE. Here is the brief summary of the position below. For for detailed information, please refer to the attachment regarding job description.


Perpose of position / Summary

: The Field Specialist is responsible for the support and implementation of the goals of the Educator Effectiveness and Leadership division. Primary duties inlcude the review of teacher preparation licensure program reviews, state-only teacher preparation accreditation reviews, and Title 2A applications. Additional duties include responsibilities associated with sustaining and supporting legislation related to teacher and administrator effectiveness; serving districts, administrators and teachers in determining systems of evaluation, capacity to conduct annual evaluations and the incorporation of student data in certified school staff ratings.  In conjunction with supporting districts in their transition to new evaluation systems aligned to PL 90, this position assists in training, implementation, monitoring and production of resources. Assistance as needed is provided to the Director of Educator Effectiveness and Leadership.


IHE Representation on CASA Standard Setting Panel

IACTE Colleagues –

An invitation from the Indiana Department of Education and Pearson.  Please consider getting involved and/or encouraging your colleagues.

IACTE Executive Secretary

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