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Senate Bill 409 - Wednesday February 6th

IACTE Colleagues –

Senate Bill 409 is to be heard in the Senate Education and Career Development Committee this Wednesday, February 6th at 1:30.  If you are available, consider coming to testify before the Committee and share your concerns about this bill with colleagues and various professional networks.  Currently, Gerardo Gonzalez from IU, Purdue Dean Santos de Barona, and a representative for the president of Butler University plan to provide comments about this proposed bill.  IACTE will be represented as well.  We are continuing to research the issues to note, but below are concepts that have been identified to date.

-          Out-of state- license applications for our graduates require a Indiana state license
-          State licensure is a central element to being a profession
-          State licensure is central in terms of quality consistency
-          Adverse economic impact of out-of-state students coming to Indiana higher education institutions seeking education degrees
-          Adverse economic impact/inefficiencies of each teacher education program having to create its own licensing department

Thank you to IACTE Members

IACTE Colleagues -

Do you remember the saying "Neither rain, nor sleet, or snow will keep the postal service from delivering the mail"?  The same could be said for the members of IACTE on Friday, January 25th.  In spite of treacherous road conditions, over 50 faithful professionals traveled to the beautiful campus of Franklin College to share and learn about the Common Core Standards, the vision of Indiana's new State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and proposed legislation that could impact teacher preparation. To each of you who persisted throughout the drive on Friday to join a very informative discussion, we thank you -- for your commitment and perseverance.  Thank you to all who attended and to our wonderful presenters --

-    Trisha Wlodarczyk, Indiana Core to College Alignment Director
-    Carlotta Cooprider - Indiana Department of Education perspective
-    Melanie Park, 2012 Teacher of the Year
-    Heather Schilling, Manchester University
-    Trish Whitcomb, Campaign manager for Glenda Ritz
-    Teresa Meredith, ISTA Vice President
-    Mark Shoup, ISTA Public Relations
-    Adam Marlatt, ISEA 2011-2012 President    

It was a very positive and productive professional meeting.  A summary of the presentations will be distributed shortly.

Ena Shelley

Read and be informed -

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I thought a think: Repost: How a Lie Becomes a Law

I'm working on another post regarding Marguerite Roza's testimony to the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee earlier this week, but I thought I might bring back this oldie from late 2010 regarding when she was wrong about teacher salaries.

by Ryan

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