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REPA 2- IACTE Response

IACTE Colleagues –

The State Board of Education is meeting on Wednesday, December 5th beginning at 9am in the Riley Room, Indiana Department of Education, 101 West Ohio Street in Indianapolis.  The agenda and supporting documentation may be found here --

Revisions to REPA 2 ARE on the agenda to be approved by the Board; a summary of the changes may be found in the attachment on the agenda noted above.  First, the good news is that many voices were heard, and public comments did make a difference.  The revisions to REPA 2 include:

-   The removal of four content areas that can be added to a license only by passing the respective content test; early childhood education, elementary, exceptional needs, and communication disorders.
-   Two teacher licenses will be available – initial practitioner and practitioner – both of which will be awarded for five years and may be renewed through the professional growth plan, as exists presently.
-   The area of exceptional needs may be licensed at the secondary level (5-12), in addition to the P-3, elementary, and P-12 levels.

Education Student You Tube Contest

IACTE Colleagues –

IACTE, in collaboration with the Indiana Student Education Association (ISEA), is sponsoring a contest for education students to create an original and inspiring video as to “Why I Choose to Teach.”  We wish to promote the wonders of our great profession.  Please distribute to your students the attached flyer on which details are provided.  The deadline for submission of the videos is Wednesday, January 23rd.  Prizes for the videos selected include an iPad or Kindle Fire.

Please encourage your students to participate and to share their enthusiasm and passion for teaching!!

IACTE Executive Secretary

IACTE - REPA II Next Steps

IACTE Colleagues –

Attached are the notes from our November 2nd meeting at Ball State and information with respect to Indiana State Board of Education Members.  Thanks to Michael Slavkin and Jonathan Dee for taking notes in my absence.  Thanks also to all the Executive Committee members who stepped up and assumed management and facilitation for what I have heard was a great meeting.

Now is the time to begin writing and communicating re: REPA II; please refer to the notes from the November 2nd meeting.  Currently, it is our best information that a revised version of REPA II will be on the agenda for approval at the State Board of Education meeting on December 5th.  At this time, the revisions have not been made public, but we have been advised that modifications have been made to the original version based on over 700 written comments received, in addition to the public hearing.  It is important that the Board of Education members continue to know of the concerns surrounding the REPA II proposals.

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