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IACTE Executive Committee Ballot

IACTE Colleagues –

It is that time of year to hold the election for new members to the IACTE Executive Committee.  Leaving the Committee will be TJ Oakes from Purdue University and Jan Westrick from Valparaiso University; both have been excellent representatives and team members of the Committee.  This election is to replace these at-large positions.

Ballots, ONE from each institution, are due to me ( by MONDAY, MARCH 18.

Thank you –

IACTE Executive Secretary

Invitation to Presentation by Robert Marzano April 2, 2013

IACTE colleagues,

Robert Marzano will deliver a presentation with regard to school reform on April 2 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Pruis Hall, Ball State University.

This presentation is free of charge and open to the public.

Please distribute to others who may be interested in attending.



Amendments expected to SENATE BILL 409


In response to testimony provided at the Senate Committee on Education and Career Development on Wednesday, February 6th with respect to Senate Bill 409, we have received notification that the proposed bill will be amended.  Great News!  Specifically, we have received word –

“an amendment (will be made) to SB 409 which will keep licensing in the DOE and begin teacher education accountability system in the DOE.”

The bill, in short, proposed that initial teacher license be awarded by a candidate’s institution rather than the Indiana Department of Education.  Several IACTE members were persistent in providing testimony in opposition to this bill.  Representatives from the American College of Education, Butler University President’s Office, Indiana University – Bloomington Dean Gonzalez, and Purdue University Dean Santos de Barona provided excellent testimony. Also included was Jill Shedd, representing IACTE and Marg Mast, speaking from her professional experience.

The bill was intended as an accountability mechanism, the authors noted.

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