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IACTE Updates - March 22 Meeting Added

IACTE Colleagues –

Attached are the notes from our very informative meeting on January 25th.  Please note that additional resources provided by Carlotta Cooprider can be found on our IACTE Website.

We have added a meeting to our schedule for March 22nd at the University of Indianapolis.  One discussion item will be the various reports that have come out recently on how to improve teacher education; reports include the NCATE/CAEP Blue Report, and those from the Obama Administration, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the American Federation of Teachers.  We realize that March is “spring break” month, but we felt that our next meeting associated with the Outstanding Future Educators banquet on April 12th was too far away.  With the long legislative session, there simply is a lot do discuss.

So mark your calendars for March 22nd, more information will be forthcoming.

Meeting(Friday, January 25, 2013) Additional Materials

For those who want to go over resources from previous meeting (Friday, January 25th, 2013), we post 8 attachments below with thier titles.

<Common Core Related Materials>

Attachment 1:  Elementary School Leader Implementation Guide to Common Core

Attachment 2:  Secondary School Leader Implementation Guide to Common Core

Attachment 3:  Interactive Timeline Common Core

<Higher Education Engagement Resources – Engaging Higher Education in College and Career Readiness Standards/Reforms>

Attachment 4:  Smarter Balance - Building a Plan for Higher Education Engagement

Attachment 5:  CTC Engagement Guide for Higher Education

Attachment 6:  Illinois Toolkit for Secondary and Post Secondary Alignment

Attachment 7:  Kentucky Professional Development plan

<Tri-State Rubric>

Attachment 8:  Rubric to evaluate the alignment of common core lessons and units…

Senate Bill 409 - Wednesday February 6th

IACTE Colleagues –

Senate Bill 409 is to be heard in the Senate Education and Career Development Committee this Wednesday, February 6th at 1:30.  If you are available, consider coming to testify before the Committee and share your concerns about this bill with colleagues and various professional networks.  Currently, Gerardo Gonzalez from IU, Purdue Dean Santos de Barona, and a representative for the president of Butler University plan to provide comments about this proposed bill.  IACTE will be represented as well.  We are continuing to research the issues to note, but below are concepts that have been identified to date.

-          Out-of state- license applications for our graduates require a Indiana state license
-          State licensure is a central element to being a profession
-          State licensure is central in terms of quality consistency
-          Adverse economic impact of out-of-state students coming to Indiana higher education institutions seeking education degrees
-          Adverse economic impact/inefficiencies of each teacher education program having to create its own licensing department

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