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2019-2020 IACTE Announcement - Meeting Dates and Dues

Welcome to the new academic year!  We hope you had a summer complete with relaxation and some fun and that you are energized for an exciting academic year.  The IACTE Executive Committee has worked over the summer to plan for a strong series of meeting and opportunities continuing our efforts to Elevate the Profession, including our first two-day Summit set for November 7-8.

Please mark your calendars NOW with the dates of our meetings:

IACTE Summit 2019

IACTE is hosting its first two-day conference November 7-8, 2019 to address Innovations in Teacher Education. The conference venue is Butler University, South Campus, Shelton Auditorium.

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IACTE Legislative Update

IACTE Colleagues –

The 2019 Indiana General Assembly has completed its work, and there are four legislative decisions which are summarized below that impact our educator preparation programs. In addition to the summary below, the respective final bills are attached.  Thanks to Shawn Sriver for preparing this information.

IACTE Executive Director

Summary of the 2019 Indiana General Assembly and the Impact on Educator Preparation


This was a very busy session of the Indiana General Assembly.  The two major changes that will impact teacher preparation programs and teacher preparation candidates are listed below along with several other actions.


IACTE’s Executive Committee worked diligently to stay on top of each proposed bill related to teacher preparation. In addition, several members attended collaborative association meetings to learn more about legislative matters related to important bills impacting our membership.


Basic Skills Requirement Eliminated (Section 3 on page 2 of SB 438)

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