2019-2020 IACTE Announcement - Meeting Dates and Dues

Welcome to the new academic year!  We hope you had a summer complete with relaxation and some fun and that you are energized for an exciting academic year.  The IACTE Executive Committee has worked over the summer to plan for a strong series of meeting and opportunities continuing our efforts to Elevate the Profession, including our first two-day Summit set for November 7-8.

Please mark your calendars NOW with the dates of our meetings:

September 20 Social/Emotional Learning and School Safety Franklin College
November 7-8 SUMMIT:​Innovation in Teacher Education Butler University South Campus
January 31, 2020 Innovative Partnerships to Address Diversity University of Indianapolis
February 19 Day at the Statehouse Indiana State House
April 3, 2020 Outstanding Future Educators Ritz Charles, Carmel

The cost of attendance to each of the fall meetings will remain $20.00. Costs for the Outstanding Future Educators Banquet will remain the same.


The Executive Committee did approve a raise of dues as reflected below.  The fee structure remains the same,using as a determinant the number of traditional AND alternative program completers reported in the 2018 Title II report -- https://title2.ed.gov/Public/Report/StateHome.aspx

  • 1 – 50     : $250
  • 51 – 250 : $600
  • 251+      : $1100

Non-AACTE Members owe an additional $50.

Dues for the 2019-2020 academic year are payable by check made out to “IACTE” due no later than September 20. An invoice template is provided (see below this announcement) in which you may add the specific dues amount, based on the number of your traditional AND alternative program completers.


Please visit our website and check out the listing for your institution.  Please share with me any changes that need to be made.

It will be an exciting year for all of us.

IACTE Executive Director