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IACTE Colleagues –

The 2019 Indiana General Assembly has completed its work, and there are four legislative decisions which are summarized below that impact our educator preparation programs. In addition to the summary below, the respective final bills are attached.  Thanks to Shawn Sriver for preparing this information.

IACTE Executive Director

Summary of the 2019 Indiana General Assembly and the Impact on Educator Preparation


This was a very busy session of the Indiana General Assembly.  The two major changes that will impact teacher preparation programs and teacher preparation candidates are listed below along with several other actions.


IACTE’s Executive Committee worked diligently to stay on top of each proposed bill related to teacher preparation. In addition, several members attended collaborative association meetings to learn more about legislative matters related to important bills impacting our membership.


Basic Skills Requirement Eliminated (Section 3 on page 2 of SB 438)

The Indiana General Assembly eliminated the requirement that candidates demonstrate proficiency through a written examination in basic reading, writing, and mathematics. This will take effect on July 1, 2019. Therefore, as of July 1, 2019, candidates will no longer be required to successfully complete CASA or any other basic skills requirement.  Our reading of the language is that individual Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) may, but would not be required to, implement a basic skills requirement for their candidates. A copy of SB 438 is included as an attachment. Scott Bogan (IDOE) has already contacted CAEP to find out how the elimination of this exam will impact CAEP accreditation. He plans to provide guidance on this issue and other details regarding this bill soon.


IACTE was not able to testify on this bill. It was added as an amendment.


Future of the Content/Pedagogy Exam (Section 18 on page 15-16 of HB 1002)


The Indiana General Assembly passed legislation that will require the State Board of Education (SBOE) to “adopt teacher licensing exams that are already in existence and administered nationally.”


Last year, the Indiana General Assembly passed legislation to require the SBOE/Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) to send out a request for proposal for a new licensing exam (RFP-19-034). In February, the Department of Administration awarded NCS Pearson the RFP if a state developed test was selected and Educational Testing Service (ETS) was awarded the RFP if the national exam was selected. The IDOE was still in the process of selecting vendor.


The passage of this law would require the SBOE/IDOE to select the national testing option. This means ETS will become the testing vendor and that Praxis II will replace Pearson’s Indiana CORE Assessment.


The law indicates that this must be implemented no later than September 1, 2021. The IDOE will need to establish the cut-off score for each exam through a standard setting process. In addition, they will need to provide guidance on timeline, implementation, etc.


IACTE testified in favor of requiring a national exam but remained silent on the selection of the vendor. This fall, the IDOE convened a committee to review all RFP submissions and invited a member of IACTE’s Executive Committee to participate. Jim Beard (Purdue Fort Wayne) did a superb job of representing IACTE on this committee.


Scott Bogan has indicated that he will provide further guidance on this situation soon.


Reporting Requirements for Educator Preparation Providers (SB 562)


When SB 562 was first introduced in early January, there were two major items of concern for educator preparation. The first major concern included language that would have required the IDOE to use data collected through House Enrolled Act 1388 to rank EPPs. The second major concern would have required EPPs to pay for all testing retakes.


When IACTE heard about these issues, they immediately began working to remove these items. In coordination with the deans of the public institutions and with the advice of government relations liaisons, IACTE worked behind the scenes to have these items removed.  This effort was successful, and these items are not included in SB 562.


Once IACTE realized their behind-the-scenes efforts worked, public testimony was presented in support of the bill.


One addition in SB 562 will require EPPs to include the number of program completers by GPA ranges; however, the ranges are not specified in the bill. The IDOE will need to provide guidance on these ranges.


Career Specialist Permit (Section 4 on page 3 of SB 438)


The Indiana General Assembly reduced the number of clock hours of work experience required to obtain the Career Specialist Permit to teach in a secondary school. Applicants are now required to


hold a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA, pass the content exam, demonstrate pedagogy as prescribed by the IDOE, and submit 4,000 clock hours in the preceding five years (down from 6,000 hours)




hold a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA or pass the content exam, demonstrate pedagogy as prescribed by the IDOE, and submit 5,000 clock hours in the preceding five years (down from 10,000 hours)


IACTE provided written testimony in opposition to this bill.




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