IACTE Colleagues -

Your voice and that of your colleagues is needed NOW with respect to efforts to have the teacher preparation regulations rescinded.  PLEASE see the note below.  PLEASE share with your colleagues.

We must be our own advocates and model advocacy to our candidates!



Shawn, Ena, Deb, and Jill –


This is an URGENT action request of IACTE and it is TIME SENSITIVE.


We need to get letters to your Senators in support of using the CRA to rescind the teacher prep regs.  Conveniently, the AACTE Action Alerts are designed to do just that with 2 clicks in less than five minutes.


It is truly a two click process http://bit.ly/AACTERegsAlertOne


I need you to please share far and wide – students, colleagues, K-12 partners, etc.

One does NOT need to be a member of AACTE to participate.

Both AACTE and I, along with others colleagues have been tweeting out the link, so you can do that too, and email it to people directly. People often respond to the personal request – especially when they learn  how easy it is.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Your constituent voices need to be heard – AND FAST.




Deborah A. Koolbeck, MA

Director, Government Relations

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