NEW IACTE President-Elect!

IACTE Colleagues –

I wanted to share that we received one nomination for the open President-Elect position on the IACTE Executive Committee.  She has been serving on the Committee as a very positive contributor.  By acclamation, Dr. Deb Lecklider is our new President-Elect.  Below is a little information about her.  We extend our congratulations to Deb and to the IACTE membership, for Deb will serve you well!!

Deb Lecklider is the Associate Dean at Butler University.  Serving as the Associate Dean since 2008, Deb’s primary responsibilities include CAEP Accreditation, SPA and edTPA coordination, scheduling, faculty load, and curriculum, and innovative programs.  Deb came to Butler in 2002 as the Director of the Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals (EPPSP) in the graduate school.  Prior to Butler, she served as the Executive Director of the Indiana Principal Leadership Academy. Through ATE, Deb is editing two clinical preparation books which are due out next year.  Deb’s areas of interests include leadership development, asset based thinking, assessment, and innovative programs.  She received her BS degree from Ball State University, and MS degree from IUPUI and Butler, and a Ph.D. from Indiana State. 

The end of the semester is a very busy time.  Hang in there!  I do hope that each of you enjoys some rest and relaxation, as well as wonderful holidays!


IACTE Executive Secretary