IACTE Dues based on Number of Program Completers

To support the work of the Association this year, which includes representing and advocating for teacher education with the State Board of Education, Indiana Department of Education and State Legislature, the Executive Committee has agreed to continue the annual dues structure used the past three years; a structure based on the number of traditional AND alternative program completers, AND an institution’s membership in AACTE. Please note the dues schedule below. Dues are based on the number of Program Completers (traditional and alternative) based on number reported in the 2015 Title II Report, reflecting 2013-2014.  These are a bit harder to find for this year.  On the website https://title2.ed.gov/Public/Report/DataFiles/DataFiles.aspx?p=5_01, there is an Excel file to download to identify the reported “current completers” (Column AF) for both your traditional and alternative program completer numbers.

Completers Dues

1 – 50                    $200

51 – 250                $400

251+                     $600

Non-AACTE Members owe an additional $50.

Dues for the 2016-2017 academic year are payable by check made out to “IACTE” due no later than September 23.

Attached is an Invoice that you may use; please include the name of your institution and the amount due, based on the information above.

Checks are to be mailed to: Jill D. Shedd

IACTE Executive Secretary

Indiana University School of Education

201 North Rose Avenue, Suite 1040

Bloomington, IN 47405