American College of Education

American College of Education

101 W Ohio Suite 1200

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office 317-829-9400

Fax 317-829-9401



President Sandy Doran
Associate Provost, SVP of Inst. Eff. and Asmt. Dr. Shawntel Landry
Vice President for Regulatory Affairs Sharyl Thompson
Academic Dean Dr. Mary Bold
Associate Dean and Director of Operations Dr. Kenneth Jandes
Assistant Academic Dean Karen Swenson
Chair, Department of Educational Leadership Dr. Linetta Durand
Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Pi Irwin
Chair, Department of Educational Technology Dr. Lillian Chenoweth
Program Director, Transition to Teaching Dr. Gayle Owen
Director of Field Experiecnes Dr. Marg Mast
Certification Officer Erin Green