IACTE Notes for Meetings on 4/15/2016

IACTE Colleagues –

This is a busy, exciting time of the year, as we end another academic year and celebrate the graduation of great candidates.  I hope that each of you enjoys the days ahead. 

We did want to share with you notes from the Business Meeting that was a part of the Outstanding Future Educators event on April 15th.  Following this event, the IACTE Executive Committee member with P-12 partners to discuss the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and its potential implications for the state of Indiana.  The Executive Committee plans to continue conversations with these P-12 partners over the months ahead, in preparation for the 2017 General Assembly.  A summary of ESSA has been prepared by AACTE and may be found at https://aacte.org/policy-and-advocacy/federal-policy-and-legislation/438-elementary-and-secondary-school-act .  There also is a summary of the ESSA prepared by the NEA, which may be found at http://www.nea.org/essabegins.

The IACTE Executive Committee will be meeting June 20-21 to prepare for another informative set of meetings for the coming academic year.  Look for announcements to mark your calendars!

Enjoy the days ahead!  We wish all of you a rewarding and relaxing summer.


IACTE Executive Committee