State ENL Funding in Jeopardy

The ENL funding for the state is in jeopardy

We are contacting folks in higher education around the state and encouraging them to contact their state representatives.

This outreach is part of an effort by an advocacy group of ESL coordinators. The attached files are from the Indiana Urban Schools group of ESL coordinators. Last week there was a meeting to engender a campaign to offset the governor's recommendation to cut ESL funding from $7million to $3million. Chances are good that there will be more money than this - but it is imperative that individuals and groups do what they can to get the record straight about ESL funding. Since 1999, when funding was first appropriated, the amount per student has dropped from $40/student to $19./student because of the growth of the ENL population in Indiana. Right now we have 409 percent growth!

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