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Keeping Track of Changes 

The IACTE Executive Committee has been tracking the various changes within Indiana Department of Education (DOE) since our last meeting.

Members have attended the last two State Board of Education meetings to monitor developments. In addition, we have met with Marcie Brown, special assistant to the State Superintendent Bennett, offering our assistance in exploring the issues of teacher licensing, accreditation and principal licensing, all of which are being reviewed by Ms. Brown. We will be posting the handouts from the latest State Board meetings and copies of any minutes or notes made available publicly on the IACTE website [] in the next few days.

News thus far:

Fifty Years of Federal Teacher Policy

Fifty Years of Federal Teacher Policy: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Today, a series of public forums took place on Capitol Hill, sponsored by the Center on Education Policy (CEP). Dr. Gary Sykes & Kenne Dibner of Michigan State University discussed findings in their recently authored paper, "Fifty Years of Federal Teacher Policy: Looking Back, Looking Ahead." Attached is a 6-page summary of their findings and recommendations that we thought that you may find interesting. The rough draft of the full paper will be posted on CEP's Web site ( during the coming weeks.

A note about the project:

IACTE 09.10 Ballot

IACTE 09.10 Ballot

Attached is the ballot for the 2009-2010 academic year for the election of two at-large representatives to the IACTE Executive Committee. Please remember that only ONE vote per institution will be counted. The deadline for the return of your ballot is Monday, April 6th. The results will be announced at the IACTE Business Meeting on April 17th.

Thank you -

IACTE Executive Secretary

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