Federal Race to the Top Guidelines

Federal Race to the Top Guidelines

Members of the IACTE Executive Committee wanted to share with the membership the federal proposed guidelines for the "Race to the Top" funding. To be eligible for these "Race to the Top" funds is one reason provided for the proposed rule changes for teacher and administrator licensing in the state of Indiana. There are sections of the guidelines that I have highlighted; sections which seem relevant to the state of Indiana REPA proposed rules. Admittedly, these guidelines are interesting in their entirety as they may impact the direction of public education.

These guidelines, you will note, still are open for public comment, until August 28th and are not final.

Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability REPA

Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability REPA

We have work to do! Teacher education was represented well at the Professional Standards Advisory Board, and the leadership provided by our higher education representatives was excellent. The Board tabled its vote to forward proposed rules for revisions to educator preparation to allow Board members time to read through the materials and proposals. The Advisory Board will be meeting again in a work session on August 20th at 10:00.

IACTE will host a meeting on Thursday, August 6th on the campus of the University of Indianapolis to review the proposed rule revisions, to identify concerns/issues, AND to discuss proposals/alternatives that we might provide. The proposed rules are attached.


NOTE TIME CHANGE - July 29 - Office of Educator Licensing and Development Advisory Board Meeting

PLEASE note that the time of the OELD Advisory Board meeting has been changed for Wednesday, July 29th. The NEW time for the meeting will be 1:00 in the Riley Room of the Indiana Department of Education at 151 West Ohio Street.

To date, the agenda for the meeting has not been posted, so the IACTE Executive Committee is not planning to make any formal remarks at the meeting, though the Executive Committee will be well represented. The Executive Committee has shared with the three higher education representatives on the Advisory Board issues for additional information and clarification related to four topics, listed below, which may be on the agenda July 29th.

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