Advocacy Plan



2007 - 2008


For the Indiana Association of the Colleges for Teacher Education to serve as a strong advocate for higher education and teacher education in the state of Indiana.


  1. Designate at least one IACTE member to attend each meeting of the appropriate state educational agencies representing the Association and to report necessary follow-up action to the IACTE Executive Committee. Links to the meeting minutes will be posted on the IACTE Web site.
  2. The Association publishes an annual State of Teacher Education in Indiana report for distribution to members of the General Assembly and other appropriate agencies.
  3. IACTE encourages institutions to post on the IACTE website press releases and topics, programs, activities within their institution which represent the "positive" story to be told about teacher education.
  4. IACTE serves as a teacher education resource and maintains viable partnerships with other state professional education organizations.
  5. IACTE engages in a deliberate process of educating its membership concerning political advocacy, national agendas impacting teacher education programs and issues at the statewide level which will influence programs; to include dissemination to the membership, by way of regular meetings and the IACTE website, of information obtained or developed in the efforts listed above.

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