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IACTE 2016-2017 Meeting Dates

IACTE 2016-2017 Meeting Dates

A new academic year has arrived!  I do hope that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the summer and some relaxation.  The Executive Committee has worked over the summer to plan another year of informative meetings.  The tentative set of topics is noted below.  The schedule for our meetings this year is:


IACTE Colleagues -

Your voice and that of your colleagues is needed NOW with respect to efforts to have the teacher preparation regulations rescinded.  PLEASE see the note below.  PLEASE share with your colleagues.

We must be our own advocates and model advocacy to our candidates!



Shawn, Ena, Deb, and Jill –


This is an URGENT action request of IACTE and it is TIME SENSITIVE.


We need to get letters to your Senators in support of using the CRA to rescind the teacher prep regs.  Conveniently, the AACTE Action Alerts are designed to do just that with 2 clicks in less than five minutes.


It is truly a two click process


I need you to please share far and wide – students, colleagues, K-12 partners, etc.

One does NOT need to be a member of AACTE to participate.

IACTE Day at the Statehouse - REMINDER!

IACTE Colleagues -

We are excited to have to date 10 of our member institutions planning to bring students to our second annual Day at the Statehouse.  Clearly, we would love to have more institutions and students involved in the opportunity to talk with our state legislators about the quality of teacher education in Indiana.  PLEASE consider sending to Jonathan Dee,, names of students and at least one faculty representative to join us in Indianapolis.  At the end of the message are listed the institutions from whom we have students identified (Thank you!), as well as content areas in which we could use more student representatives.  The details are:

  • WHEN : Thursday, February 23, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm (Eastern Time)

(a light lunch will be provided)

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