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IACTE 2016-2017 Meeting Dates

IACTE 2016-2017 Meeting Dates

A new academic year has arrived!  I do hope that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the summer and some relaxation.  The Executive Committee has worked over the summer to plan another year of informative meetings.  The tentative set of topics is noted below.  The schedule for our meetings this year is:

IACTE November 11th Meeting Notes

IACTE Colleagues,

Our meeting on November 11th was very informative and well attended.  Thanks to everyone!   Attached are the meeting notes, along with the power points that individual presenters offered.

May each of you have a safe, relaxing and joyful Thanksgiving!



Jill D. Shedd

Assistant Dean for Teacher Education

Indiana University School of Education

201 North Rose Avenue, Suite 1040

Bloomington, IN  47405-1006

812-856-8013 (phone)

812-856-8518 (fax)

CAEP Contact Information for Questions & Support

CAEP Accreditation – Contact Information for Questions and Support

  • Selected Improvement (SI) Pathway, Initial and Advanced:

Tatiana Rivadeneyra, Ed.D.

  • Inquiry Brief (IB) Pathway, Initial and Advanced:

Glenda Breaux, Ph.D.

  • Early Review Assessments & Shell Requests; Other Assessments:

Deb Eldridge, Ed.D.

  • Site Visitor Professional Development:

Margie Crutchfield, Ph.D.

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