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Outstanding Future Educators REMINDER

Good day to you all!  It is a beautiful day in southern Indiana, and I do hope that many of you are enjoying sunshine as well.

It is difficult to describe the challenges we are facing and all the new ways we are having to address our work and our personal lives, yet I do hope that the adjustments that you are having to make are going well.  I trust that each of you and your families are safe and healthy.

As a gentle reminder, we are preparing Outstanding Future Educator certificates to send to you to recognize your superstars.  Those forms are due to me by Monday, April 13th.  Thanks to those of you who have submitted your forms already.


Please take care of yourselves and your families.  Be well -



IACTE Executive Director

UPDATE: IACTE Outstanding Future Educators Banquet

IACTE Colleagues -

First, we do hope that you and your families are safe and well.  These certainly are unique, challenging times for all of us.  May you work through these challenges as best as you can, being sure to take care of yourselves and your families, along with the new forms of work you face with your colleagues and candidates.

We have worked through very accommodating negotiations with the Ritz Charles re: our Outstanding Future Educators Banquet.  We have cancelled our event set for May 1st, AND have scheduled next year's event for April 9th, 2021.  PLEASE mark your calendars now.

Still, we wish to honor your awardees.  Here is our plan:

IACTE Outstanding Future Educator Banquet - RESCHEDULED MAY 1ST

IACTE Colleagues –

Given the array of school, college and university closings, we have made the decision to re-schedule the IACTE Outstanding Future Educator Banquet to Friday, May 1st. We hope that everyone will be able to participate on this later date.

Please make note of this change and send your registration information and the names of your awardees to my attention. I will need all of this information no later Friday, April 17th.

Please take care of yourselves!


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